Thursday, June 23, 2016

Anxiety Blob for Sweatpants & Coffee

Meet Anxiety Blob!
I was asked to make stuffed anxiety blobs for Sweatpants & Coffee and The Depressed Cake Shop.  You can learn more about Anxiety Blobs here.

The latte colored Anxiety Blobs are the last batch of blobs that I am scheduled to make.  They are now SOLD OUT.
At this time, I do not know if I will make more in the future.

"The Anxiety Blob was born as a doodle. This is how Sweatpants & Coffee founder Nanea Hoffman envisions her anxiety: slightly lumpy and vaguely worried."*

The stuffed version of Anxiety Blob is perfect for cuddles.  You can help each other feel a bit less anxious.  

You may purchase your own blob from the Sweatpants & Coffee online store while they are in stock. However, they are not being made by Fleece Menagerie.  Anxiety Blobs are now being factory-made.

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Sweatpants & Coffee also partnered with Depressed Cake Shop to sell special grey anxiety blobs. Their goal is to help bring awareness to, and decrease the stigma of mental illnesses.  
The grey Anxiety Blobs that were made by Fleece Menagerie have all been sold.
The blobs are now being factory-made.

Anxiety blobs are made from a Nanea Hoffman design.

I do not sell Anxiety Blobs directly.
Most Anxiety Blobs are now being mass-produced, they are no longer being made by me unless there is a special batch of a very small quantity.  

Blobs are about 14 inches tall
They are made of Minky Cuddle and stuffed with Poly-fil.  They have Darice safety eyes and DMC embroidery floss faces.
For humans ages 3+ 

* quote from

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