Upcycled Clothing/ Memory Animals

What is this?
Stuffed animals made from articles of clothing can be done to create a memory or keepsake animal from outgrown baby clothing, to remember a departed loved one, to find a new use for a loved but outdated clothing item, to repurpose/ extend the life of a cherished security blanket, or to just simply use a discarded garment because the fabric is interesting.

Age appropriateness:
Due to the upcycled nature of the clothing and the possible use of buttons, snaps, or other materials that cannot be safety tested, many memory animals are meant as an heirloom item for adults (13 +) only.

Animals that could be made without any items or materials that would need 3rd party safety testing would be appropriate for children. Yarn and fabric are exempt from testing. Everything else could not be used.

How does it work?
The articles of clothing are sent to me.  I then check the material that I have to work with and communicate with the person about their options based on which patterns could be cut from the clothing. We decide on the details (which pattern I will use, if and which contrast fabrics will be used, eye color, etc.) of the project. Then I get started and I will provide photographs of the completed animal before payment is made and the animal is shipped.  If you prefer, the photos can remain private.

The process can be quicker and easier for me if I am trusted with most aesthetic choices, however I would certainly incorporate any requests that are possible to fulfill.  I could also work with you on every decision if you desire.

What fabrics work best?
Thicker fabrics (with some stretch to them if possible) will work the best.  In the past I have used tweed, flannel, sweatshirt material, corduroy, velour, cotton, knits, and waffle knit.  Anything too thin or "slippery" like silk or sport type fabrics would be harder to work with and would likely result in a less aesthetically pleasing animal. Baby or small child sized clothing would most likely require several garments and the resulting animal would have a patchwork look.

I am not able to work with any fabrics that are too think for my sewing machine or my fingers to handle such as leather, bonded fabrics, very tough denim, canvas, etc.

Please make sure that anything you think of sending me is something that you are emotionally comfortable with entrusting to the postal carrier (or other delivery service) and having it cut into pieces.
There may be leftover bits of fabric or unused garments.  I will return them to you if you desire.  Returning heavy items or a large number of items may impact the return shipping cost.

How much will it cost?
$30-$40 plus shipping. The memory animal price will depend on complexity, or if a lining is required) for an upcycled animal if it is to be made with one of my Funky Friends Factory patterns (or similar patterns). The shipping price will depend upon the size and weight of the box.

Memory animals that are enlarged in size will increase in price depending on the increase in size.  The increase in shipping cost is often the main factor in determining the cost of a large memory animal.

Made with a waffle knit 80's shirt

Made from a sport jacket
Made from a flannel shirt

Made from outgrown baby clothes

Sweatshirt, flannel shirt, and polo shirt

Four Shirts

Night Gown

Work Shirt


Baby Blankets
Velour jacket, corduroy jacket
Patchwork of multiple items
Outgrown baby clothes

Example animals made from Funky Friends Factory patterns.