Saturday, June 25, 2016

Seahorse (SOLD)

This seahorse was made of fleece.  She has plastic safety eyes, wool felt eyelashes, and was stuffed with Poly-fil.  She is about 15 inches tall.  $30 plus shipping

Made with a Funky Friends Factory pattern
Ages 3+
photos not 100% color accurate, the darker fins are the same color as the darker tummy stripes.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Anxiety Blob for Sweatpants & Coffee

Meet Anxiety Blob!
I was asked to make stuffed anxiety blobs for Sweatpants & Coffee. You can learn more about Anxiety Blobs and see previous colors here:

My most recent batch of blobs, sold at a Depressed Cake Shop pop up at Baby Bea's Bakeshop
 7 Oct. 2017

"The Anxiety Blob was born as a doodle. This is how Sweatpants & Coffee founder Nanea Hoffman envisions her anxiety: slightly lumpy and vaguely worried."*

The stuffed version of Anxiety Blob is perfect for cuddles.  You can help each other feel a bit less anxious.  

You may purchase your own blob from the Sweatpants & Coffee online store while they are in stock. Most Anxiety Blobs are now factory-made. Fleece Menagerie Anxiety Blobs may be made from time to time in small special batches.  

Instagram #anxietyblob

August 6th 2017 at Sweatpants & Coffee: SOLD OUT



Aruba Blue

Sweatpants & Coffee also partnered with Depressed Cake Shop to sell special grey anxiety blobs. Their goal is to help bring awareness to, and decrease the stigma of mental illnesses.  
Most grey Anxiety Blobs are now factory-made. Fleece Menagerie made Anxiety Blobs may be available from time to time in small special batches.  


Anxiety blobs are made from a Nanea Hoffman design.

I do not sell Anxiety Blobs directly.
Most Anxiety Blobs are now being mass-produced, they are no longer being made by me unless there is a special batch of a very small quantity.  

Blobs are about 14 inches tall
They are made of Minky Cuddle and stuffed with Poly-fil.  They have Darice safety eyes and DMC embroidery floss faces.
For humans ages 3+ 

* quote from

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Set of 13 U.S. Air Force themed memory animals (SOLD)

This set of 13 memory animals was made from sentimental clothing, fleece, plastic safety eyes, and Poly-fil.

Mallard Duck, 9 inches tall

Horses, 8 1/2 inches tall & 11 inches long

Bearded Dragon, 19 inches long

Moose, 10 inches tall

Dog, 13 inches long

Eagle, 9 inches tall

Camel, 12 1/2 inches tall

Bear, 10 1/2 inches tall

Bunny, 8 inches tall while sitting, 17 inches from toe to ear

Bat,  8 inches long

Snake,  3 feet long (not counting tongue)

Funky Friends Factory patterns
Bearded Dragon, Fleece Menagerie pattern
Ages 3+
Animals with buttons, ages 14+

Friday, June 10, 2016

Elephant Ballerina (Available)

This elephant was made of minky.  She has plastic safety eyes, a removable tulle tutu, and a plastic bead necklace.  She has big floppy ears and floppy arms and legs.  She is about 12 3/4 inches tall when sitting and 23 inches long if stretched out from tip of her ear to her toes.  
$35 plus shipping.   Or, $30 plus shipping if you don't want the tutu and necklace.

Made with a pattern from Shiny Happy World
Ages 3+ without necklace
Ages 14+ with necklace

Monday, June 6, 2016

Pink Uniphant (SOLD)

This uniphant was made of fleece.  It has plastic safety eyes and was stuffed with Poly-fil.  It is about 10 1/2 inches tall including the horn.

Made with Funky Friends Factory patterns
Ages 3+