Cost/ Information

Price List: Prices include shipping within the United States

$30-50 A fleece animal that is finished and waiting to be chosen.
*Also an animal that you ask me to make from one of my Funky Friends Factory (or similar) patterns. Any simple requests such as color choice are fine. Please don't hesitate to ask if I have or can get a pattern for whatever you are interested in.

$40-50+ Animals that are semi-custom (altered pattern) or made of more expensive materials.

$60+ Animals that are original creations that require me to create a pattern that is about the size and level of complexity of animals I make with a Funky Friends Factory pattern.
(My outlook on custom creations so far has been, "I am willing to try it, I won't know if I can make a (fill in animal type) until I give it a go".  Don't be afraid to ask, but please don't be upset if I don't think that I can manage it.) 

$?? Custom creations that are larger, more complicated, or made from very expensive materials.  
A quote will be given after the project is discussed. 

+$2 - $5 to price of animal small customer requested add-ons to animals. Props such as the penguin's hockey stick and puck, or a horse blanket for a horse, or a scarf, or necktie.
Let me know what you would like, and I will give you an exact price quote.

Sales Tax: Are you in New Jersey?
Residents of New Jersey (or any friends picking up an animal in NJ) will be required to pay NJ sales tax. 

If you desire an animal that has already been completed, just send me an email letting me know which one and I will send a Paypal payment request to the email address that you use to contact me. It is helpful for me to know at this point if you reside in the United States.

When a made to order animal is completed, payment can be made via Paypal. Once you see photos of your animal/s and you are pleased, I will send an email with the Paypal information.

Shipping will occur asap upon receipt of payment.

In the majority of cases, orders will be shipped in USPS priority mail boxes.
Large or heavy boxes will be sent more slowly if cost prohibits faster shipping.    

Shipping outside of the United States:
The USPS online shipping cost estimator seems to be fairly accurate so far. I often make a trip to the post office to get an exact shipping quote before a payment is made.  Any customs fees, duty, taxes, etc. that may arrise are the customer's responsibility.

I have sent stuffed animals to Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, India, and Ireland and The Netherlands  

It seems that sometimes international shipping can be extremely slow due to customs so if there is a deadline for gift giving or such, order EARLY.  

Allergies/ Safety:
All animals are handmade in a smoke-free, cat-free home. 
The family dog is never allowed into the upstairs craft room. 
We do eat peanut butter. The peanut butter is never allowed in the craft room.

Animals with “safety eyes” are not safe for children under 3.

All animals are stuffed with new polyester fiber-fill.
Some animals are weighted with plastic stuffing pellets.  When that is the case, it will be stated.  The pellets are not safe for children.

Age Appropriateness :
*Some Fleece Menagerie stuffed animals are meant only for adults and younger humans aged 14 and up.
*Upcycled/memory animals are meant as heirloom items for adults only unless they can be made without including any patches, button, snaps, ribbons, etc.

Due to CPSIA (rules and legalities and whatnot), there must be a separate policy for those 13 and younger.

Please let me know if a stuffed animal is going to be for a child. It can be specially made.
Stuffed animals made for anyone under 3 must be entirely made of fabric.

(Poly-fill stuffing, yarn and dyed or undyed fabric are exempt from 3rd party lead and phthalate testing. Stuffed animals made with the omission of any buttons, plastic safety eyes, or other additional materials would comply with CPSIA requirements.)

*I now have proof of CPSIA required testing for Darice solid black safety eyes that may be used on animals for children over three and under 14.  Animals can also be made entirely of fabric for this age group.

I recommend spot washing to maintain the look and shape of the animal and to prevent any painted eyes or hand sewn details from being damaged.